Monday, February 1, 2010

Reminiscences of a fuhrer

Reminiscences of a fuhrer

I evoked dread in them all,
No.....actually I used to,
'twas long ago
even memory betrays me.

One day, I was their pride;
a symbol of strength, power, and might to some,
whereas to some, I epitomized beauty and even identity.

An inseparable part of their lives, I was.
Punctuated a canvas sometimes,
I've often enjoyed my part in many a folklore too;
mascot to innumerable events across the globe,
they've all been slaves to my charismatic woo.

And then, there've been times when
creatures much weaker to me have
challenged the mother nature and 
forced me into an undeserved brutal penitentiary
-- the ugly thankless trespassers !

There are times when I so desperately wish
I could rant my vitriol onto them,
but I can't....
I can't articulate the way they do, the trespassers.

There are times when I so desperately wish
I could urge and plead them, the trespassers,
to go back to their land and leave my haven,
as my family, to my grief and their joy, 
reduces to a meagre fourteen hundred and eleven.

There are times when I so desperately wish
the halcyon years returned.
I became the fuhrer once again 
and they all kept distance,
respecting my identity and dreading my presence. 

R.S. February 01, 2010.