Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"The Bow", take a Bow !!!

Playing with my idiot box's remote control, I came across a button with INFO written over it. I donot remember distinctly what movie was Zee Cinema playing then; no sooner had I pressed the INFO button than I read " An honest cop is framed for murder.......but he manages to escape from prison (so what? even a debuatante bollywood hero could do that) to unravel the nuances of the murder, in the process taking on a whole lot of terrorists......alone...!!! " ...I hope you could make out the last clause was framed. But, that's what happens most of the time, right? I, then, tuned in to UTV World Movies that was playing a movie called "The Bow (Korean)", pressed the INFO button, read the synopsis, got enthralled, decided to watch it, started watching, got engrossed completely,sat glued to the screeen for over close to two hours, switched off the TV, resumed reading the final pages of Frontline...and dozed off. I could see the boat with the old man in it protecting and preserving the young girl...I could see him strumming the taught thread of the lovely instrument(made out of a bow)standing at the farthest point of the deck...I could hear the silence of water...I could see the blind colorless abstract plain complex love that the old man had for the young girl...I could see the young girl waving final goodbye to the old man, to the over ten years of her life she spent on that boat amidst unfathomable depths...volumes and volumes of water put in a container bereft of boundaries, and to the boat with a picture of Buddha painted over it's body the sight of which went on changing slowly from that of his whole body to one half above his waist to his head to nothing...I then felt peace, I left myself, my body...only to drown in tranquility.

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