Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Strange Boulevard

A mist so heavy has done me in 
Nothing to hold on to and a cold biting 
Bereft of vision I am 
And robbed of all powers of mind 
I tread a strange boulevard 
Worse than a mountain to climb 
The only way is forward 
There’s no going back 
I tried once only 
To fall on my face, flat 
I can’t see anyone 
To look up to 
Where’re they all gone 
What’s my fate making me do 
I had a hundred dreams 
I had a million plans 
When was the last time 
I had a lovely dance 
I can’t recall anything 
What’s wrong with me 
Sans all things human 
Am I set free 
Oh no! my lord 
Here begs your son 
Give me my life back 
Give me my splendid sun 
I swear to you 
Shall not let you down 
Shall do my duties as a human  
This time around 
How the cosmos conspired 
And built a deadly fence 
I can see it all now 
In the divine transparence 
There were those forces 
That demonized me 
The insidious intentions 
I couldn’t see 
The life so precious 
I wasted how 
Only if I could show 
How regretful I’m now 
Oh! The strange boulevard 
You showed me the path 
I’ll make it count this time 
Today I avow

R.S. 29 November 2010

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