Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aal Izz Well

Let me confess at the very outset that this post, by no stretch of imagination, is an endeavor to review the magic called  "3 idiots (3i, hereafter)". I watched the movie this morning and however hard I try (actually I don't and don't want to for as long as possible !), I am just unable to get over the hangover (or magic,) should I say. And, that is why I was compelled (or deeply motivated) to scribble all that went through my head, my heart during and after the movie that so subtly breezed away from across my face into the infinite depth of the celluloid screen that stood as a monster with a plethora of question marks on its pimpled face long after the end of credits.

The way the camera rolled through the hills and greens of Shimla at the very start of the film enthralled me to the very core. Besides, the magical voice of Shaan (singer) put through some wonderful lyrics (Swanand Kirkire, the lyricist) made the captivation superlative. I like Madhavan and Sharman very much and was dreaded of my bias getting the better of me but the two idiots (suddenly the word seems a much coveted adjective, isn't it !) were superb in every word they uttered, every expression they gave, and every tear they shed and I have no doubt I am keeping the 'bias' intact. The scene where Farhan (Madhavan) tries to convince his father (the ever-sober sweet adorable Parikshit Sahni) reflects the brillaince of the actor, what a pull-off ! Same goes for all the emotional scenes filmed on Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) especially in which he shares screen space with Rancho (coming to him in a bit, wait !). The interview scene is equally brilliant; the sincerity and the magic of simplicity of character and lines is amply evident. Kudos Sharman for that sincerity and simplicity !

After watching the disastrous De Dana Dan Goal, I had asked myself, "Why would an actor of the calibre of Boman Irani do such a film and do it so pathetically, who has always been great to watch and adore, be it as Doctor Asthana in Munnabhai MBBS or Happy Singh, the broker in Lage Raho Munnaibhai or the unscrupulous Khurana of Khosla ka Ghosla fame." BUT, (and that's a big one) after watching Viru Sahastrabuddhe in 3i, I can do nothing but bow before the man. This has to be, without a doubt, his best work to date (with Khurana of Khosla ka Ghosla falling a close second) and I don't want to act criminal here by not accolading (the little that I can, through my writing) his genius in the scene where he cries and gives his most prized possession, the astronaut's pen to Rancho (thank you for bearing with me...just a 'few' more lines).

Kareena Kapoor, needless to say (more so post Jab We Met), delivers another brilliant performance in what may look a cameo to some. She has pretty good space in the film and comes as a significant character out of the overall personality of the film. The ease with which she can change her expressions, the flexibility in changing gears, is envious. The fact gets reflected in most of her scenes especially the one where she enters the 3idiots' room drunk or the one where she is completely dejected at the knowledge of her sister's ill-born baby (Aal was well,, don't worry...even that was an intelligent piece of writing on the part of the script-writers, Raj Kumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi).

Mona Singh is good in her little role. Needless to say in this context, the whole childbirth scene was superb. Millimeter (the boy who does all the works of students at the hostel) and Chatur (the geek who could memorise every bit of the course text, even the punctuation marks) were brilliant. The Teacher's Day speech and the pets' introduction scene (yeh hai kilobyte, yeh Megabyte aur yeh inki maa Gigabyte) were hilarious and lovely respectively. What also stand out are the witty dialogues of Millimeter and the diction, pronounciation (of hindi words), and mannerisms of Chatur that are hilarious to the core and both of them have done tremendously as actors in whatever role they had.

And, now comes the turn of the charismatic Rancho (Aamir Khan), the man who, in his small little ways, transforms the approach his friends have towards life in general. The fact that he succeeds in unleashing the coconut in Virus (the otherwise stone-hearted individual who pressurizes his son so much on what he should opt for as a career he committed suicide) is exemplary of the fact that no matter what, one (audience included) just can't escape the effect of Rancho's subtle magic spelt in his ideologies and approach towards life. Every time Rancho comes on screen, which he does almost all the time, he enslaves you with his wit, logic, clarity of thought, way to living life, emotions, and what not. This has to be one of the most thought out and detailed characters he has ever played. I don't want people to laugh my competence out by commenting more on the acts of the maestro but I would definitely mention something Aamir has so made his own - the make-ups for different characters he plays; this was one again evident in 3i in the different make-ups he wore for the plethora of characters that Pia (Kareena Kapoor) fantasizes about and the scientist he plays (that Chatur was so desperate to ink a deal with).

The writer duo of Raj Kumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi has delivered a stupendous product which takes script and dialogue writing to a new level altogether. I shall not comment more on this as I find myself speechless enough not to. Take a bow, both of you.

The master of all prestidigitators in this magical act, the director Raj Kumar Hirani extracts the very very best out of every actor in the film. In addition, the sense of music that he has deserves a big applause. Shantanu Moitra's music, Swanand Kirkire's lyrics, and Avit Dias (Aal izz well)/Bosco-Ceasar's (Zoobie-Doobie) choreography are all brilliantly timed and truly wonderful creations of art.

Aal Izz Well which has so truly and deservedly become the nation's anthem is a wonderful phrase presented beautifully and is already making rounds amongst the youth (especially) of the country.

3i, very successfully, sets a new benchmark in story-telling. It achieves a lot - it (together with Rocket Singh- salesman of the year, not so long ago) shows how significant writers are to a film, it reflects the fact that delivering simplicity (while acting a character) makes any character look truly exceptional, and it demonstrates  yet again that directors can do wonders with scripts and actors.

As I already said, it's magical. Aal Izz Well with me and wish Aal Izz Well with you.


divya said...

aal izz well here too bhaiya...agree wid u in every single word.every single is the best i ever seen in my life.its so perfect no wrd to describe eye openar....i feel the same way.......i feel like doing wht i always wanted to do and i guess same wid everyone.right????????

Nitu said...

This movie casts a spell on its viewers....Each character in this film has a unique importance.From Virus to mm every one has acted phenomenally well....Be it the unique naughty expressions on the face of Aamir Khan ,the beauty of Ladakh and Shimla,or the sad yet hilarious scenes filmed at Raju Rastogi's house ..everything was great.This movie is simply creativity at its best.Most importantly the way you have jotted down each important fact about this movie is nice ...and it will compel people to watch it and be sure that all is well..really well :)))

Subhash Rabindra Jha said...

Dear Divya and Nitu

Thank you very much for your comments. Keep this revolution called IndiaDreams enlightened with your thoughts, discussions, and dreams.



PRATIK said...


You just stole my words...the film is just so add to your comments, apart from the magical scenes you mentioned, I would like to place the sequence where the sutdent asks for an extension for a project but fails to do so..and the subsequent suicide was another telling sequence. Shows the marks of a subtle the scene meldrama watsoever yet gave me goose mums...truly a great movie...great performances and above all superb direction!!!!

Subhash Rabindra Jha said...

Dear Pratik

First of all, thanx for your kind words. I strongly second your opinion on the film. Yes, the sequence you mentioned was brilliant, emotional and realistic at the same time.Besides, the song "Give me some sunshine" was beautifully placed, so was the unfortunate "suicide" scene.

I am sure people will improve upon their attitudes towards life after watching 3i.

Aal Izz Well !


ashish jha said...

first of all i m very sorry,despite of being the first to read i am very late[n i believe not the last] to comment.but den aal izz well wid u.

well , i don't even have words to describe how eagerly i waited for 3-I to release ..... n then finally the wait was over .....needless to state the obvious ......... expectations
were humongous ....... esp after those rave reviews that started to pour in , over the past few days ...... i mean it's Aamir Khan and Raj Kumar Hirani ....that prolly just sums
up what i'm tryin to say .... anythin that falls short of being termed 'brilliant' would be a major let down ..... stakes were high ..... n let me just cut this crap short not just friggin lived up to all the expectations ... it actually went beyond that !!!

Its one movie that would not only make u laugh or cry or its not the kind which would just entertain u for 3 hrs ......... Infact It stays with u even beyond those 3 hrs ...its
thought provoking cinema at its exciting best ..... raju hirani is a master of this art ..... but this time around ..... the satire on our education system was much more palpable shakes u inside-out .... are u doin what u really wanna do ?? would be a common question one would ask one-self ....

Talkin abt the story ....... well without actually givin too much away ..... its a story abt 3 engineering students ..... n their struggle .... for one its all abt knowledge ....its all abt excellence .... passion ..... for the other two its abt completing engineering n grabbing the best job n settling down ...basically living a life thats a pain in the heart every single day[at least for madhvan] !! n once ur almost done with ur life, u would realize .... had u done what u wanted to do ..... life would have been so different .... n much better !!

aamir is as usual best,so was all the actors

and ur blog was at par with excellence of 3i

n yeah last but not least i m confessing one thing with true heart,let the whole world see it.

i m that farhan for whom baba ranchod das chanchad is none other than you yourself and i m saying this with deep feeling not for the sake of are my rancho bhaiya

aal izz well!

Subhash Rabindra Jha said...

Dear Ashish

Thank you for your detailed comment to my post.
I am generally very vociferous(through my blogs and other writings) but this time around, I must confess I am at a loss for words. This is too much an adulation and I am (what should I say) grateful for the title. But the title of "Rancho" is not something to give away just like that. I am not a Rancho but I promise you and I promise myself this twenty eighth day of December, 2009 I shall try every moment now on to follow my dreams and do what I wish to do and try every bit to become your Rancho..."Thank you" is all I can manage at the moment.



ashish jha said...

well,frankly speaking i hadn't given u the title randomly.just after i have seen the movie when i came to the analysing mode,i had noticed very strange but strong resemblances to the character,i see a lot of myself in farhan and for me u r the rancho[atleast for me] and i dont know about others but yes i m confessing i feel immense pleasure while talking to u,i see myself somebody different after talking to u.and still if u alongwid other viewers are having doubt or curosity over my statement,i m ready to explain

rahul said...

bhaiya i am ashish's friend rahul.hadnt watched movie yet,but now eager to watch after reading your comments.ashish aapka hamesha charcha karte rehta hai n now after reading your aal izz well aal i can say is that he wasn't wrong.aage mai movie dekhke phir comment doonga.

Subhash Rabindra Jha said...

Dear Rahul

Thank you for your kind words. watch the movie, for sure.

All the Best

gunner said...

Dear Subhash,

I saw the movie yesterday night, and just loved every bit of it !! simply brilliant !! and your blog....awesome as ever !!

Subhash Rabindra Jha said...

Dear Gattu

Thanx for your kind words. The movie definitely rocks big time. I was sure you would like it. I am glad I was not wrong.



Rajpoot said...

Aal Izz Well..........Dear.. Good job. I have no words to explain ... how I have inspired from your blog..
Because the type of words and sentence you have used here are outstanding....... Just keep it Up....

Subhash Rabindra Jha said...

Dear Rajpoot

Thanx for your kind comments.

I am glad my blog inspired you.


Subhash said...


...i am a new follower to your blog...and myself a nascent blogger have done some tete-a- tete with the blogs some time back.....and to a fact that our writing styles are too...apart...

A heartiset congratulations to u.....u hv become an absolute film critique.
Your blog has served to all facets of films right from singer shaan to writer duos.
I felt great how can a blogger hv deep overwhelmed (genuine remarks ).

My sincere apologies @Subhash and fellow followers

frankly speakin i felt no magic wen i left the theater..i felt that the hype was same as for Slumdog Crorepati....

Moreover some glimpses like mentioned below compelled me (or deeply motivated) to scribble all that went through
my head, my heart during and after the movie that so subtly breezed away from across my face into
the infinite depth of the celluloid screen that stood as a monster with a plethora of question marks on
its pimpled face long after the end of credits.

1)lots of suicides.....1) lobo 2) kareena's bro 3) Raju's attempt to suicide

2) Interview scene ....gud on secreen dats all..itni frankness i hope does not works...or does it..?

3)Proving that when parents are expectin frm you ..they shud not....

This movie has just created a glitch in mind of 16-18 age group students especially that they can excel in the field they like.

Do you agree that===

a) Can everybody have talent like Farhaan..answer is presumptuously NO wat else middle class parents think..
and moreover if he has been alwz through photography..hw cm he was able to get selected into top 200 and if he gt selected
then his parents have a right to have expectation in the same field frm him

b) Can everybody be so lucky like Raju to get recruiters who do not see ur CGPA's b jst ur honesty..i again presume NO.

According to me..this movies has done nothing xcept showing that burdens causes a person to suicide....

This movie has killed the spirit of fighting .... spirit of the warrior..

these lines are all gone .....

वीर तुम बढ़े चलो
धीर तुम बढ़े चलो

Well all izz
Now every kid will be shining..everybody will be a celebrity..either with a good job or photographer or even scientist..
coz now parents afraid of consequences will led children to do wat they want to and if nt given the chance..u better know... the outcomes..

......this is the magic of 3i...all around...i think even now im feeling the glory.....

Subhash Jha said...

Dear Viny

Good to see you around. Thanx for the kind comments you made to the blog.

As far as your opinion about the movie is concerned, I respect your individuality although I don't second your thoughts.

To me, the events/elements in/of the movie convey a farther philosophical message than they do literally.

Just one thing, had the movie "killed the spirit of fighting", there wouldn't have been a baby-delivery-in all distress-thru a vacuum cleaner-scene which reflects the writer's belief in Hope and Never Give Up as tools to keep the fighter in all of us very much alive...isn't it? :-)

By the way, my next post awaits you...and eagerly.

Aal Izz Well.


Subhash (Mangal 'S')