Friday, January 8, 2010

A Heap of Debris

Hi Folks !

What follows is a reflection of my observations I fancy each morning amidst a slow cool breeze I subject myself to. Do let me know how you felt.

A Heap of Debris...

I awoke this morning
to a breeze so gentle.
Kissing me, it moved some more and went afar,
lost in wilderness across the horizon.

Stretching a little, I realized
I was amidst a heap of debris
and wondered how desperation defeats one’s senses !
I pulled myself off the heap
and started walking to fetch some water.
Little away, I found some stagnant water
serving a couple of pigeons already.
I wished to shoo them away
but found myself way too small and sans courage
to entertain any thoughts of doing so.
I waited for them to finish and
only after they flew away far enough to not be seen with naked eyes,
did I wag my tongue in an effort to wet my throat.

Right across the street, then
I saw numerous puppies surrounding their mother;
jumping at her, trying to touch her face,
all of them.
And then in a moment,
they all put their muzzles to her innumerable nipples
and their mother gazed satisfied, as they sucked life.

A sudden urge then developed
somewhere within me too
that wished to partake in the indulgence,
easily the most desperate one.
But I didn’t belong there, I knew
nor did I own her.

I too am a little puppy as they are
but we are different.
They own a mother that oozes life to them,
and I own nothing save a heap of debris
amidst which I awoke this morning
to a breeze so gentle...

R.S. January 08, 2010

Cheers !


Anonymous said...

nice imagination!!

Subhash Jha said...

Dear Guest

Thanx for the compliment but it would be nice if I could get to know you better through your profile.