Saturday, October 16, 2010

...yours Kokin

The rising sun is here to wake,
a breeze so gentle bathes my face.
A random run around the house,
a glance there, a jump off the couch.
My eyes wander, they look for you,
the slight embrace, the kiss is due.
I don't know what to do all day,
I barked so hard I had a fray.
When all the people get me wrong,
your memories run with me along.
I promise I'll be good with all,
I'll never bite the baby doll.
I got so scared the other night,
I wished at once to hold you tight.
I missed the warmth I always had,
except the time I wanted it bad.
No run no play no appetite,
can do it all, can't do it right.
I'm sorry for I made you sad,
here's your photograph up for grab.
I'll wait for you seconds and days,
until you return to end the haze.
Come back soon, caress my skin,
With a lot of love, yours Kokin.

R.S. 16 October 2010


The "ONE" said...

You have been able to craft the feelings of a dog in words with so much emotions and beauty in it. Excellent!!!
Keep it up.

Subhash Rabindra Jha said...

Dear Shashi,

Thank you for your kind comments.



Anonymous said...

again and again I read this beautiful poem...I still remember you and the context...october 2010